Please :)

I’m getting my hair fixed up next weekend (bleaching my roots, coloring, etc) and I’m trying to decide between cutting my bangs and letting them grow out. 

Straight across bangs:

Side swept (bonus: derp face. 90% of my pictures are like this) :

Grown out:

God I change my hair a lot. 

Anyway, thoughts are seriously appreciated because I’m torn right now.

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  1. thetrainback said: Grow them out! You look beautiful with all those hairstyles, but, oh, my gosh, your face is incredible without the bangs. SHOW IT OFF.
  2. nicoleprima said: Both straight across and side-swept are cute, so basically you should cut them :D if you go straight you can always sweep them to the side when they start growing out anyway. Two-for-one deal?
  3. itswebbtime said: Side swept! Get that artsy vibe goin! :D
  4. myyuletideisjollyforyourholiday said: Shave bald.
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